How to buy $MATRIX tokens

Read this short guide on where and how to buy $MATRIX tokens.

The easiest way to buy $MATRIX tokens is through our very own DEX Aggregator deployed on Polygon Network, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Avalanche.

If you would like to purchase the ERC-20 token, you can purchase MATRIX on Uniswap here.

What chains are $MATRIX tokens available on?

$MATRIX tokens are available currently on three different chains. Please see below for official chains and contract addresses.

TickerChainContract Address








BSC (Binance Smart Chain)


How to buy $MATRIX tokens on our DEX Aggregator (the easiest way)

Click here to use our DEX Aggregator.

Please read our in-depth tutorial on how to connect your MetaMask wallet and how to use our DEX Aggregator here.

Once you are familiar with our DEX Aggregator, have your wallet connected to either Polygon or BSC, you can finally purchase $MATRIX tokens.

Step 1 - Make sure your transaction is set to "Single Token Buy"

You can toggle between Buy & Sell functions by clicking the transactions arrow between assets. Next to "Swap," you can find the name of the transaction you are performing.

Step 2 - Find the MATRIX token.

Start by clicking on the name of the token, searching for MATRIX, and select it.

Step 3 - Enter the amount you'd like to purchase.

In this example, we are using USDC to purchase $MATRIX. Enter the amount in USDC that you'd like to swap.

Step 4 - Click "Swap" and confirm transaction and follow the instructions on your MetaMask.

That's it! Enjoy.

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