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How to buy $MATRIX tokens
Read this short guide on where and how to buy $MATRIX tokens.
The easiest way to buy $MATRIX tokens is through our very own DEX Aggregator deployed on Polygon Network, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Avalanche.
If you would like to purchase the ERC-20 token, you can purchase MATRIX on Uniswap here.

$MATRIX tokens are available currently on three different chains. Please see below for official chains and contract addresses.
Contract Address
BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Please read our in-depth tutorial on how to connect your MetaMask wallet and how to use our DEX Aggregator here. ​
Once you are familiar with our DEX Aggregator, have your wallet connected to either Polygon or BSC, you can finally purchase $MATRIX tokens.
Step 1 - Make sure your transaction is set to "Single Token Buy"
You can toggle between Buy & Sell functions by clicking the transactions arrow between assets. Next to "Swap," you can find the name of the transaction you are performing.
Step 2 - Find the MATRIX token.
Start by clicking on the name of the token, searching for MATRIX, and select it.
Step 3 - Enter the amount you'd like to purchase.
In this example, we are using USDC to purchase $MATRIX. Enter the amount in USDC that you'd like to swap.
Step 4 - Click "Swap" and confirm transaction and follow the instructions on your MetaMask.
That's it! Enjoy.
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