Emergency Nuke Button Feature & How to Use It

The Emergency Nuke Button was designed to help swap all of your approved assets into one single token, a stablecoin, perhaps. You decide.

Quick Start Video on Emergency Nuke Button

What is the Emergency Nuke Button (ENB)?

The ENB was designed by traders, for traders. Utilizing Matrixswap's unique multi-token sell feature, the ENB can quickly help you sell all of your tokens and convert them into one single asset of your choosing. (The default asset for the ENB is a stablecoin, USDC.)

Choosing Target Stablecoin

Currently, you can choose the ENB's stablecoin to the following -

  • USDC

  • USDT

  • DAI

  • WBTC

  • WETH

How to Use the Emergency Nuke Button

The ENB is located on the top right corner (next to your address).

Once you click on the ENB, our Router will search for all approved tokens that are able to sell into a stablecoin that you desire.

In the example below, the user has three approved tokens ($MATIC, $SUSHI, and $MATRIX) ready to be converted into a stablecoin, $USDC.

Once all of the approved tokens are found, all you have to do is click "Confirm Swap" and follow the instructions on your MetaMask.

You can also adjust the Gas Fees if you want a faster transaction.

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