How to Use Our DEX Aggregator on Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, & Fantom

Matrixswap Information

Available Chains for DEX Aggregator -

  1. Polygon

  2. BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

  3. Avalanche (MATRIX token not available on this chain)

  4. Fantom (MATRIX token not available on this chain)

TickerChainContract Address








BSC (Binance Smart Chain)


As the name implies, our DEX Aggregator aggregates liquidity from top AMMs from all 4 different chains offering you the best prices for all of your favorite tokens within each chain.

Unique DEX Features from Matrixswap

  • Multi-token sells and buys — buy or sell multiple tokens under one single transaction.

  • Emergency Nuke Button — Quickly sell multiple tokens to a single asset (stablecoin, perhaps)

  • Routing Information - See routing information to see where you assets are coming from.

  • Billions in Aggregated Liquidity - Aggregated liquidity from top AMMs within Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Network

Refreshed User Experience

Matrixswap has been working very hard behind the scenes resolving various bugs and implementing a revamped interface that we are positive our community members will enjoy moving forward.

Use our DEX Aggregator here —

New Additions for Our DEX Aggregator (Updated Dec 1st, 2021)

  • High contrast interface for all of our swapping mechanics.

  • Intuitive trading percentage bar for all of your assets.

  • Easy to understand Routing information (Settings)

  • Adaptable Emergency Nuke Button functions — set the nuke function’s target stable coin to whatever you like to convert your assets to.

  • Switch easily from Polygon Network to BSC (Binance Smart Chain) within 1 click.

  • A new organized menu bar and a new background to piece everything together.

Here's a quick video on how to get started using our DEX Aggregator (Updated Dec 2021) -

Connect Wallet (Currently, only MetaMask is supported)

You can also select the chain you'd like to use on the dropdown next to "Connect to a Wallet".

Currently, only Polygon and BSC (Binance Smart Chain) are supported.

Once your MetaMask wallet is connected and your choice of blockchain is selected, you are free to start swapping tokens.

Below is our Token-swapping interface.

Letter A -

The text showcased next to letter A mentions the action you are about to perform. In the screenshot above, it mentions "Single-token sell".

Letter B -

You can switch from Sell to Buy by clicking the multi-directional arrows in the middle of the DEX.

Example: Single-token sell to Single-token buy.

Letter C -

You can manually enter the percentage of your asset (example: MATIC) to whatever percentage you'd like or slide the percentage bar until you reach your desired amount.

Example #1 - Single Token BUY

The user wants to sell 10% of MATIC to USDC.

Next, click "Swap" (Big Green Button) and click Confirm swap.

Next, follow the instructions on your MetaMask wallet notification.

You can change your Gas Fee to your preference but in this example, we used recommended gas fees. (Click Confirm).

Your transaction has been completed. (Click "Close")

Example 2 - Multi Token BUY

In this example, we would like to spend 1000 USDC to buy two different tokens, MATIC & MATRIX.

On top, you can choose which token you like to buy with. (Example: USDC)

You can also adjust amounts for each token, too. For instance, you wanted to spend a total of $1000 USDC and allocate it for two tokens - $600 USDC for MATIC and $400 USDC for MATRIX, you can change the amounts next to the token. (See Below)

The transactions are all similar for -

  • Single Token Sell

  • Single Token Buy

  • Multi Token Sell

  • Multi Token Buy

Emergency Nuke Button

On the top right, there's also an Emergency Nuke Button feature.

This feature allows you to convert all of your "Approved" assets into a single asset such as "USDC".

Here's how it works (a GIF) -

Confirm Swap and follow the steps similar to the example above.

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