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What's the goal of Matrix Labs?

Our goal of Matrix Labs is to build powerful, decentralized, multichain Defi protocols that are free and open to everyone around the world.

We have defined a roadmap ahead of us to continue building three main protocols within Matrix.

  • MatrixSwap, our DEX Aggregator is currently deployed on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche. Aggregated liquidity from top AMMs within each chain to ensure you are getting the best swap prices for your tokens.

  • MatrixPerp, our Perpetual DEX is currently deployed on Polygon allowing users to trade perpetual contracts with infinite on-chain liquidity and up to 25x leverage.

  • MatrixZap is a feature we've also been working on. This feature allows users like yourself to "Zap" your tokens into a Liquidity Pool to start earning interest immediately without headaches and confusion of converting all of your tokens manually.

  • Others are in the pipeline ;)

With so much to look forward to, we are sure you will find a home in the Matrix for yourself in the world of DeFi.

Where can we find the roadmap?

You can find an updated roadmap on our About Us page below -

Where is the team based?

Our team all works remotely throughout Asia and Europe, mostly.

Where can I follow Matrixswap?

You can visit our LinkTree for all of our updated links to all of our socials and chat channels.

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